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Eddie Jaffe

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07/04/14 05:28 PM #1    

Lee Levine

I had known Eddie since we were kids, and he came from a good family that my family knew well too. Eddie had his demons but was always good to me, never judging, just being my friend. When I turned 21 Eddie took me out for a drink when no one else cared to go. My bad for waiting so long to post but I owe him because other folks had other opinions of him.

07/05/14 02:10 PM #2    

Kenneth Price

I too knew Eddie since childhood. If my memory serves me correct we went to the same elementary (Mcdonald Knolls) school. Very sad.


Ken Price 

07/05/14 03:10 PM #3    

Antonio Magri

I believe Eddie Jeffe was one of the kids that made fun of me because I would not shower after Gym.  Truth of the matter was I was too embarassed to show my totally shaved body.  I looked like a plucked chicken.  I had to be shaved due to surgery to remove stones from my bladder and kidneys.  I am sure we males can underdstand that now at 60-62 y/o.  Not at 15.

Eventually we became friends and remained so until Graduation.  I do not believe I ever saw him agaim.  Dear friend may you rest in peace.

07/05/14 03:41 PM #4    

Sheri Morris (Weisgerber)

I, too, went to elementary school with Eddie.  I started at McDonald Knolls in the middle of 4th grade so wasn't there long before we went to Sligo.  I remember Eddie as being really nice.  When I think of him, I also think of Jonathan Rosenberg. They seemed to be always together.  I was so sorry to hear of Eddie's death. May he rest in peace.

07/05/14 07:04 PM #5    

Steven Palder

I am embarrassed to say that i just learned about the death of Eddie Jaffe. I am sad to say that it took this knowledge to bring forth the fond memories I have of him. In the pre-Northwood days there were many an afternoon when I would be at the Jaffe's house (Eddie lived next to Greg Summers, down the street from Lee Levine, further down the street from Phil Waggenheim and down the street and around the corner from Glenn Fell and Steve Rosen). Sally, his mother would make us lunch, always baloney on white bread with Lay's potato chips on the side. We would eat lunch while Burt, his father, would sit in his Archie Bunker type chair, and Sandy his sister would diatribe about her lastest diaster. Afterwards we would go out in the back yard and exchange our thoughts about the craziness of our families. I think that by realizing the commonality of our dysfunctional families we felt like everything was ok, even if we knew otherwise. Ed had his challenges, as we all do, but i remember him as the friend that he was. He was a good person. I am sorry that it took his demise for me to remember.

07/26/14 11:22 PM #6    

Mordechai (Marty) Rosenthal

Eddie and I were good friends through our junior high school years, spending much time together mostly during the summers at Parkland pool.  We basically went in different directions once we got to high school, but our families remained close. 

Several months before his passing, I heard that he had suffered a brain tumor and had surgery.  The doctors told him that it was not 100% successful but that he could have up to 8 more years left.  I made contact and drove down and spent a very pleasant day with him.  He seemed fine.  I remained in touch with him and was ready to make another visit but couldn't reach him.  I finally contacted his brother's family who told that he had suffered a relapse and was hospitalized.  He passed away shortly thereafter.

Eddie was certainly plagued by some very serious issues.  However, he pulled himself out and eventually became a certified counselor helping people to overcome their addictions.  A pity that he died so young but nevertheless his turnaround should stand as an example and inspiration to us.

07/27/14 01:06 PM #7    

George Detsis

Eddie was a good pal of mine at Northwood HS.  He was friendly and personable.  We had many lunches together with mutual friends, and he always advised how we could improve our football and baseball team play.  He will be missed by all of our Indian tribe, if that is politically correct.

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