Kevin Harris

Profile Updated: November 14, 2009
Residing In: Nashua, NH USA
Spouse/Partner: Betty Mullins
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Occupation: Retired from the computer industry
Yes! Attending Reunion

Our family moved to the Annapolis area after graduation, so I immediately lost track of all my HS friends :-(
Initially, I worked summers and weekends at a chain of paint stores while attending Univ of MD in College Park. But in 1972, I got a job programming at Goddard Space Flight Center, which I kept until I got my BS in Math in '74.
I then moved to Penn State to get a MS in Computer Science in '76.

I immediately moved into a long career developing system software for Digital Equipment eastern MA and southern NH. Mostly developing optimizing compilers for the high performance computing industry.

I've been living in the Nashua, NH area since 1980. Compaq bought Digital in 1998, and HP bought Compaq in 2003. I took an early retirement package from HP in May of 2007.
Since then, I had an 8 mo stint managing the compilers for SiCortex until they lost their investors earlier this year.

I met Betty from Choteau, MT in 1994 and we've been together ever since.

My main activities outside of work have been landscape photography and cave exploring (which some call spelunking). I got started with both in 1974 at Penn State, but I've been kicking myself since then when I discovered that the DC area is a major hub of cavers since long before my High School years. I've been an officer in the Boston Grotto cave club since 1977. See and to get a flavor. I co-chaired the 2002 national caving convention in Camden, ME.

With the caving clubs and others, I participated in several interesting wilderness adventures in the 1980s and 90s.

Since retirement, we've been traveling and doing landscape architecture on our property in Nashua. And dabbling in a startup, thinking about a book on software management, and doing some research in the green energy area.

School Story:

If you look at p.75 in our yearbook, you'll see a photo of the Latin scrabble team, complete with a "bad" word (with a very high score) on the board. :-)

In 11th grade English, we had a great teacher (who's name escapes me - he got his PhD that year, and moved up to Dickinson College in PA in our senior year, if I recall correctly). He had us read the Shakespeare play "Julius Caesar" out loud, in turns. He made a $20 bet with another of the English faculty that the next reader (who turned out to be Madeline Geroux) would mispronounce the famous dying line "Et tu Brute", since all the previous classes that day had mispronounced it. He didn't know that Madeline had excelled at Latin in Mr. Dalton's class, so she knew how to pronounce "Brute" correctly, so he swore out loud in class - he lost the bet!

I returned to MD on a business trip in 2003, and visited the UMD campus, and the Northwood campus. For some strange reason, Northwood was labeled "Albert Einstein High School" that year??? I wandered the halls for a few minutes - the place looked a lot smaller than I recalled!

Junior High School


Elementary School

several, in Syracuse, NY, and Cleveland, OH

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Kevin Harris has a birthday today.
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Kevin Harris has a birthday today.
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Kevin Harris has a birthday today.
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Kevin Harris has a birthday today.
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Kevin Harris has a birthday today.
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Jul 06, 2014 at 1:53 PM

I remember you and our times at NHS with great fondness. I recall that, when you would hand out sheets of homework, tests, from the front of the classroom, you would say "This page is fourthcoming!" (for the 4th copy). All the best.
-Kevin Harris, Nashua, NH

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Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:47 AM
Here I am on top of Mt Lafayette in the White Mountains of NH in about 1997.